Comics Daily Awards 2008 : Best Moment

30th December 2008 | by | 2 Comments

This week, we’re handing out the First Annual Comics Daily awards – one per day – between Christmas and New Year. Each award has been written up by a member of the Comics Daily team after a consensus was reached, and highlights what we feel have been the best of superhero comics this year.

Best Moment : “We Just Don’t Like To Make A Fuss”, Captain Britain and MI:13


There have been so many incidents in comics this year that, in theory, should stick in the memory. DC alone has delivered arguably the definitive Batman story, together with the culmination of a plan for their universe three years in the making. Over in the Marvel side, we’ve seen Brian Bendis bring to fruition his carefully seeded magnum opus, while Jeph Loeb has torn apart the company’s second continuity with glee. Although many of these limited series-based “name” events have disappointed many readers, its hard to think of a single franchise which hasn’t had its moment in the sun, from the five-hundredth issue of Uncanny X-Men to the long awaited arrival of James Robinson on Superman. Strangely enough, though, this category proved the easiest to choose, with myself, James and┬áSeb’s decision quickly becoming unanimous. But what makes the resurrection of one of the most niche characters in comics such a punch-in-the-air triumph?

At the climax of the third issue of Captain Britain and MI13, we see the entire ethos of one of the most unusual books on the market. For all the solidity of the story, that’s not the focus here, with the response of the cast to a sheer force of nature stealing the scene. British patriotism is an almost-impossible concept to write, with the very idea of acknowledging pride in the country almost instantly destroying it. With one moment of self-deprecation, however, Cornell succeeds spectacularly. Leonard Kirk also rises to the occasion, nailing Braddock’s new look so perfectly that the reader doesn’t initially realise that there’s been a redesign. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect combination of plot, mood and characterisation.

Runners Up: “And was that fear in his eyes?” [Batman #681, Grant Morrison and Tony Daniel]; “This is the one… this is going to change everything” [All-Star Superman #10, Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely]; The “Machine-Signal” [Ex Machina #34, Brian K Vaughan and Tony Harris]; “Disappointed, Ms Frost?” “Astonished, Ms Pryde” [Giant Size Astonishing X-Men #1, Joss Whedon and John Cassaday]; “What if I just killed everyone first?” [Doktor Sleepless #8, Warren Ellis and Ivan Rodriguez]