Comics Daily Awards 2008: Most Anticipated

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As a parting shot in our awards run, each of the site’s reviewers takes a look at what most tickles their fancy over the next 12 months.

Comics Daily Awards 2008 2009: Most Anticipated

timecop divx Julian Hazeldine: Resident Evil
Wildstorm’s return to form has been a pleasant surprise this year, with the World’s End event revitalising their own universe, and offering something genuinely different to the titles forthcoming from the big two. Talented writers and artists have been given an admirable level of creative freedom, and this success has rubbed off on the video-game spin offs released this year. Gear of War has been a sales smash through mainstream outlets, and Mirror’s Edge’s mix of introspective characterisation and engaging plotting is massively deserving of sleep-hit status. The firm snapped up the rights to Capcom’s “world of survival horror” in the middle of the year, and Resident Evil 5 will provide a perfect springboard for the launch of a new series. With an engaging and familiar cast of character and a world built up over the last twelve years, the franchise is perfect for a comic accompaniment.

James Hunt: Dark Avengers
There are loads of books coming out in 2009 that I can’t wait for – Brian Wood & Becky Cloonan re-teaming on a second series of Demo, and whatever X-Men Legacy becomes after the next arc – but, whatever you might think of the fairly excruciating title, the comic I’m most looking forward to right now is Dark Avengers. Which is lucky, because it’s almost out! The team of Bendis and Deodato promises high-quality stories, but the real draw for me is that the presence of Osborn, Bullseye and Moonstone means that it’s essentially a continuation/spin-off of Thunderbolts, a book I’ve loved for years. Thunderbolts itself is getting another ground-up overhaul (and the last one of those didn’t go so well…) but thankfully, the “villains masquerading as heroes” torch is, at least, being passed over this time. While you can argue that my excitement just means that the advertising is working, I’d be very surprised if Dark Avengers shows Bendis anything other than his utter best, and if any Marvel fan doesn’t see that as something to get excited about then, well, they might want to take a break from comics for the next few years…

Seb Patrick: Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe
While James was already an “early adopter”, 2008 was the year that saw the other two members of the Comics Daily team fall wholesale under the spell of the bass-playing Canadian slacker and his motley assortment of friends. If you didn’t already know, Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim is a wonderful, witty, warm, videogame-reference-laced, character-driven action comedy – it’s like an Edgar Wright film in black-and-white Manga format, which makes it quite exciting that Edgar Wright is directing the upcoming movie version. In the meantime, we’ve got volume five to look forward to in (hopefully) the first half of 2009, and given that book four was the best yet, hopes are high. It’s the first chance I personally will have had to experience the release of a new entry in the series, and I can only see my excitement levels growing until that fateful day. In the meantime, if you haven’t yet experienced the series, all I can do is add my voice to the ever-growing numbers saying DO IT, DO IT NOW.incredibles the divx