Occasional Wednesday Soapbox : MI13 Needs You!

11th February 2009 | by | 10 Comments

We don’t normally do appeals here at Comics Daily. If we want to pontificate about something, we’ll happily do it within the context and framework of a regular review. But we’re all in agreement that there are special circumstances about this one. It’s about Captain Britain and MI13.

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that there’s been a fair bit of kerfuffle about the series recently, following an inaccurate online announcement from someone at Marvel that it had been cancelled. The resulting back-and-forth, culminating in the officially-stated conclusion that no, it hasn’t been cancelled (to which pessimistic fans couldn’t help but mentally add a “…yet”), has threatened to overshadow the promotion for the beginning of the book’s next arc, which should serve as a perfect jumping-on point for new readers. Not only does it see the book’s supporting cast fully settled and in place (leaving Pete Wisdom as the only carry-over main character from his eponymous miniseries, and thus quelling some people’s worries that knowledge of that series was required to “get” this one. Although, that series was brilliant, so it shouldn’t have been an obstacle in the first place), but the opening issue promises to feature Dracula. And Doctor Doom. On the moon. Who can resist a book like that?

On the other hand, the attention the book’s been getting could work in its favour. Because it is in need of sales. If figures from the UK, where by all accounts it’s been staggeringly popular, were taken into account, then it might be looking healthier. But it’s a sad fact that US readers have been dwindling ever since the Secret Invasion story (incidentally, by far the best thing about that entire event) finished. There’s more about all of this on the rousing original appeal page over at It Came From Darkmoor, but the bottom line is this : more people need to be buying this book.

And you know what? That means you. I’d like to think that as loyal readers of Comics Daily, while you may not agree with everything we have to say (especially if it’s me talking about Final Crisis), our opinions and recommendations do at least carry some weight with you. I’d hope that on occasion, we may have caused you to check out something you may not otherwise have read. If that’s the case, then I’m pleading with you right now : trust us on this one divx zombie strippers . Because something else that can’t have escaped your notice is that all three of us love this book. We’re not just biased because Paul Cornell is The Nicest Man In Comics, either. His characterisation and dialogue are as good as anything you’ll find in mainstream superhero comics, while Leonard Kirk’s punchy artwork hits every action beat spot on. We voted unanimously to declare Brian Braddock’s rousing return from the dead our favourite comics moment of 2008, and we’ve been relentlessly positive about every issue so far – because it’s sharp, action-packed, entertaining, moving, funny, gripping. Okay, it’s not quite All-Star Superman, but it’s about as good as a non-A-list superhero team book could possibly hope to be.

So. Here’s the thing. Issue #10 is in comic shops now (if you’re in America; it’s out tomorrow if, like us, you’re in the UK). I haven’t actually read it yet, so naturally I can’t tell you if it’s actually a great issue. But I can stake my reputation as a reviewer on the fact that it almost certainly will be. So, if you’re reading this, and you visit your comic shop every week to pick up a stack of comics, and you want to read something new that will genuinely entertain you – please, give it a try. It’s only $2.99 (or equivalent), and it will be worth every penny.

I mean, just let me repeat something : Doctor Doom. Dracula. On the moon. How can you not want to read it?