The Sunday Pages #22

27th July 2008 | by | No Comments

A small week because Seb’s still on holiday, but there’s still plenty inside, including Russian Sitcoms, Thunderbolts, Neil Gaimen on Batman, the Watchmen trailer AND a Paul Cornell interview!

tsp2.gifHow’s your Russian? Those crazy Russians who own Livejournal pointed their users in the direction of this Superhero Sitcom, entitled “ZH Men nick and norah s infinite playlist online ” (The pun becomes more apparent if you use the proper cyrillic –  Ж-Men!) It’s described as beig “a new comedy series about superheroes, inspired by the LJ communities dedicated to superheros, comics and cartoons.” They also say that “the title’s “Ж” comes from ЖЖ, the nickname for LiveJournal in Russia.” and that “Ж-Men’s script is written by a group of LJ enthusiasts who also happen to be television professionals.” There are 5 more episodes due to go online after this one! Don’t worry, it’s subtitled!

tsp2.gifOne of the nuggets of information revealed at SDCC is that Andy Diggle will be taking over the writing on Thunderbolts. Nothing huge to say about that, except that it’s good to see him having a stab at Marvel characters, doubly so because I’m the world’s biggest Thunderbolts fan!

tsp2.gifAnother piece of info from SDCC? How about Neil Gaiman writing Batman? “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader” is set for January ’09 and despite my deep lack of interest in the character, wild dogs couldn’t keep me from this release.

tsp2.gifAs you may know, Seb, Julian and I all write for geek/cult/nerd media site, Noise to Signal – and as the site relaunches, you can head over there to read an interview with Paul Cornell, writer on Captain Britain and Doctor Who’s TV series, that the three of us conducted at this year’s Bristol Expo.

tsp2.gifAnd, while you’re there, check out Seb’s excellent Page to Screen: Watchmen Trailer article!

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