The Sunday Pages #39

14th December 2008 | by | No Comments

Capsule reviews from the Comics Daily team, including Amazing Spider-Man #580, DMZ #37, Mirror’s Edge #2 and X-Men/Spider-Man #2.

Review: Amazing Spider-Man #580
Roger Stern returns to the character to deliver a rather decent done-in-one issue with artist Lee Weeks that, together with Waid’s recent 2-parter, does much to convince me that Spider-Man is getting well back on track. Stern delivers a story that feels timeless, rather than retro, and the even fact that it stands alone doesn’t derail the book’s momentum at all. Weeks’ art is great, and together with the last few issues makes the case for a rotating creative team very strongly. A rewarding read. [JHu]

Review: DMZ #37
Matty returns to the DMZ to discover that the new governor he helped put in charge might not be quite the saviour for the DMZ that he hoped. Even as the election of Obama threatens to suck the bile out of the audience for such a political title, Wood warns us against the perils of getting the leader you voted for, rather the one you wanted. Consistently gripping. [JHu]

Review: Mirror’s Edge #2
With the introduction out of the way, Wildstorm’s games tie-in moves onto the story proper, with no drop in quality from last month’s proposing beginning. The inclusion of a downtown area adds flesh to the bones of the setting, but the closing sequence of the issue is of particular note. Writer Rhianna Pratchett manages to translate the sort of moment that typifies the game, with Faith sneaking into a back office, with the result not feeling remotely incongruous in a more detailed narrative. Mirror’s Edge is a compelling series in its own right, and bodes well for next year’s Resident Evil series from the same publisher. [JHa]

Review: X-Men/Spider-Man #2
Aside from a rather hard-to-fathom team-up between Kraven and Sinister, this series is turning out to be rather good. It might have sounded a bit gimmicky on paper, but between fantastic artwork and a decent exploration of both property’s histories, it’s really getting the inner-fanboy going. This month takes place during the comics of the 80s, and a Black-Costumed Spidey teams up with a completely different bunch of X-Men, while a mutant massacre tie-in serves to make it seem…all a rather convenient fit. Unexpectedly excellent – roll on next month’s “90s” issue! [JHu]