The Sunday Pages #4

2nd March 2008 | by | No Comments


It’s a quiet one this week, but below you’ll find some news about a special event in the Buffy comic, speculation about where Morrison’s Batman run is going, some Eagle Awards suggestions and another FREE comic (one you’d actually want to pay for) from Newsarama!

NEWS: Jo Chen has posted the cover to Buffy #16 on her website, featuring none other than one Melaka Fray, the Slayer-of-the-future who, as some of you may remember, comes from Joss Whedon’s first comic series, Fray. It’s going to be painfully good. Why, oh why, oh why is it that I’m still obsessed with Buffy this long after the TV series ended? Shouldn’t I have moved on? Fray was a fairly good story at the time – certainly, it wasn’t anything as good as Buffy S8 is getting, but having Whedon acknowledge it as canon somehow makes it seem that much better. Dear god it’s going to be good. (JH)

SPECULATION: So, I’ve got to admit, this is a pretty off-the-cuff theory based on very little in particular, but anyway. Batman #674 (reviewed on Friday) has begun to peel away the mystery of Grant Morrison’s overarching storyline, and is building rapidly towards the “Batman RIP” story that has been heavily touted and trailed. While it may heavily suggest it, there’s surely no way that Bruce Wayne is going to be killed off – even if that was the original plan – in the year that The Dark Knight is coming out, and in which DC seem to be building towards a back-to-basics approach to their main heroes’ storytelling (again, that’s an interpretation I’ve drawn, but still). But something big is clearly going to happen. Dialogue near the end of the latest issue has, for some reason, set a spark off in my head, so here we go – my gut feeling is that, having realised (for the first time?) the negative effect on innocents that his existence can have, Batman is going to… fake his own death. I can’t say I’m going to guess exactly how it’ll work, or indeed how it’ll reconcile with the idea of Batman still being around the DCU in the second half of 2008 (which he’ll have to be, really – and I can’t see them going the route of temporarily replacing him with someone like Jason Todd, given how similar that would be to Knightfall)… but there you go. That’s my guess. Oh, and I’ve also been speculating on how the new costume, to be designed by Alex Ross, will look. Bearing in mind his previous form on redesigning classic superhero outfits – this, anyone? (SP)

NEWS: Voting for the 2008 Eagle Awards is now at the nominations stage. We are in no way suggesting that your nominations, nor indeed your final voting, must definitely absolutely include Jamie McKelvie, Kieron Gillen, Brian Wood, Scott Pilgrim or All-Star Superman. Nope. Nor are we pointing you subtly in the direction of the “Best Website” box. No sir. (SP)

NEWS: Pesky website Newsarama have teamed up with Comics Daily’s favourite Malvern-born writer/artist Jamie McKelvie to give away the first issue of Suburban Glamour online. This will help you make the correct decision to buy either the forthcoming trade paperback, and/or the other three issues. So if you haven’t already read it, get to it. (SP)