The Sunday Pages #43

18th January 2009 | by | 4 Comments

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It’s a slow week in what’s seemed like the slowest month for comics in quite some time. A meagre selection of capsule reviews, including Punisher War Zone #5 and X-Infernus #2, as well as a little bit of site-housekeeping news.

Review: Punisher War Zone #5
As someone who was there at the time, it makes me feels ridiculously old to claim that Ennis and Dillon’s take on Punisher is a perfect nostalgia trip, but that’s what it is – a return to the days when “Marvel Knights” was still fairly edgy and unique. Of course, compared to the current state of Marvel its attitude feels quite retro, and positively cartoonish compared to the direction Ennis later took the character, but even so, seeing Frank Castle taking on the Gnuccis again makes for a brilliant sequel that slots perfectly alongside “Welcome Back, Frank”. Can’t wait to see how it ends. [JHu]

Review: X-Infernus #2
It’s hard to shake the feeling of 80s nostalgia from this series. It’s all soulswords and Illyana Rasputin, and as an X-Men fan who got into comics during the 90s and remembers Illyana as a young girl who died of the legacy virus, I’m really not sure what the point is to it. The character has long since ceased to have any importance in either incarnation, what’s the motivation to bring her back now? Still, the writing is at least competant and artistically it’s quite nice too, but it still feels like it’s aimed at pleasing a certain group of writers rather than any wider audience. [JHu]

Meta: Wednesday Review Changes asterix and the vikings free download
We like to keep our readers updated about plans for the site, so here’s a quick bit of news – starting Wednesday, after over a year’s worth of Dusting Off back-issue reviews, we’re going to open up the Wednesday slot a little, putting other features in its place. Dusting Off will still be a regular fixture, probably on the first Wednesday of every month, but we’ll also be taking the opportunity to do trade reviews, discussion pieces, or even an additional normal review if it’s a particularly heavy week.  No other major changes planned, though, we’re just trying to make sure Comics Daily stays fun to write, in the hope that it stays fun to read as well. [JHu]