The Sunday Pages #49

8th March 2009 | by | 1 Comment

This week, capsule reviews of Deadpool #8, Hulk: Broken Worlds #1, Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #3 and War of the Kings #1, together with the thing you’ve all been waiting for – the Comics Daily opinion of Watchmen.

Review : Deadpool #8
Following on from his Secret Invasion tie-in, the schizophrenic mercenary now mounts a single-handed assault on Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign setup, launching him into another crossover. While there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with Daniel Way’s policy of constructing situations around the gags he has in mind for ‘Pool, it does leave the book extremely weak when the punch lines fail to deliver. Add a cartoonish art style that manages to be entirely dependant on the colourist to introduce vibrancy, and it’s hard to see the book attracting the following Marvel is obviously hoping for on the back of the character’s forthcoming film appearance. [JHa]

Review: Hulk: Broken Worlds #1
The Hulk’s many incarnations and interpretations have left him with more alternate universe counterparts than any Marvel property besides the X-Men. Strangely, by exploring some of these stories and universes, Hulk: Broken Worlds offers an unlikely antidote for the depressingly uncomplicated Loeb era. Readers can expect to find a story about Hulk and Jarella in the microverse, a tale from the recent House of M run, a Hulk 2099 story and the crown jewel, a Peter David-penned “Future Imperfect” vignette which, if there’s any justice in the world, will be collected alongside its parent series in the future. It might be a glorified What If? comic, but even so, it’s far more entertaining than the parent series right now. [JHu]

Review : Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #3
I can’t help but feel that finally getting round to finishing this, given how much the Ultimate universe has since moved on (thanks, Loeb) is a staggeringly pointless exercise. But it’s as much of a fun little bonkers story as the first two issues were, despite barely moving the plot along a single iota until an intriguing final page reveal, and a reminder of a time when the Ultimate books were actually, you know, good. It’s also almost worth the cover price alone for Leinil Yu’s art, banishing memories of the cluttered Secret Invasion with work that challenges Superman : Birthright in the “career best” stakes [SP]

Review: War of the Kings #1
The oddly successful relaunch of Marvel’s cosmic properties continues with the beginning of the third major crossover, War of the Kings. It’s strange to see such recognisable supporting characters as the Inhumans and the Imperial Guard thrust into the spotlight with only a smattering of interaction with more A-List characters, though the plot, which sees the most recent Shi’ar Mad Emperor, Vulcan, gate-crash the Inhuman/Kree society event of the century feels oddly charged with gravitas. It’s never going to engage me as much as any story set on Earth, but as cosmic events go, it’s a nice example and a good start. [JHu]

Film Review : Watchmen
For those of you who are interested in the Comics Daily take on Watchmen, you can find the thoughts of both Seb and Julian over at Noise to Signal, where they each manage to give the film an identical rating despite having almost diametrically opposed opinions. If you want to know what James thought of it, however, you’ll have to first try and come up with a way to make him actually interested in seeing it.