The Sunday Pages #53

5th April 2009 | by | No Comments

This week, we’ve got capsule reviews of Buffy #24, Mirror’s Edge #6, New Avengers: The Reunion #2 and Secret Warriors #3!

Review: Buffy The Vampire Slayer #24
After the thematically interlinked stories of the last few months, this issue offers a refreshing change, with Jim Kruger crafting an effectively self-contained tale featuring Faith and Giles. The depth of writing and characterisation saves this issue of feeling inconsequential, and the simply plot is conveyed in a commendably intricate manner. The only fly in the ointment is the letters page. While the editorial determination to let fans have their say on the book is commendable, carrying detailed reactions to events of over 12 issues ago is frankly absurd. [JHa]

Review: Mirror’s Edge #6
There’s an unexpected pragmatism in the conclusion of this limited series, with the heroine effectively surrendering to get the authorities off her back, but that’s not to say the creative team haven’t wrung out one final action sequence from their storyline. The narrative trick employed here isn’t original, but serves as an effective way of signalling that the story isn’t destined for an entirely triumphant ending. Mirror’s Edge has been the highlight of Wildstorm’s unofficial games line for the last few months, and the less-than-definitive conclusion leaves hope that the series may return in some capacity. [JHa]

Review: New Avengers: The Reunion #2
The lingering question of exactly what Clint and Bobbi’s relationship to one another is like these days finally gets resolved in these pages, alongside the crucial matter of when, exactly, Bobbi was replaced by her Skrull duplicate. McCann is doing some truly stellar work on the series, giving it a unique husband-and-wife espionage feel while retaining enough superheroics to make it fit under the “New Avengers” banner. If any miniseries recently felt like a worthy trailer for an ongoing, this is it. [JHu]

Review: Secret Warriors #3
Things have calmed down a tad since Secret Warriors’ universe-bending first issue revelations, but Hickman is still turning in a gripping series. Fury gets all the best moments, and it’s perhaps a little bit premature to have characters on the chopping block before we’ve got a chance to, er, learn their names properly, but that aside, the title and characters are developing nicely following their utterly botched introduction during Secret Invasion. After all, they’re actually doing something these days… [JHu]