The Sunday Pages #6

16th March 2008 | by | 1 Comment


This week, a look at the Incredible Hulk trailer, James Robinson’s return to the DCU proper, Chris Weston’s All-Star Superman challenge, Joe Kelly on Spider-Man, and everyone and their cat joining the X-Men creative teams.

tsp2.gifFurther to the announcement of his taking over Superman, James Robinson’s return to the big-time continues with the announcement of a new series titled Justice League – separate from the existing Justice League America (we presume – unless that team’s disbanding!) it will feature Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow, Ray Palmer, Supergirl, Batwoman and – most interestingly – Mikaal Tomas, the blue-skinned Starman previously a footnote in DC history (he’d only appeared once, in the ’70s) before becoming a major part of Robinson’s own Starman series. Intriguing stuff. But if either of those titles are as good as Starman or The Golden Age, then consider me firmly excited. (SP)

tsp2.gifIn case you missed it, The Incredible Hulk‘s trailer was finally released. While it’s not quite as excellent as Iron Man’s, it’s still showing massive promise, clearly harking back to the 60s TV series and a very classic version of the Hulk. The Abomination redesign works surprisingly well, Ed Norton brings exactly the right intensity and darkness to Banner, and it looks like there’ll be no shortage of Hulk Smash action to keep you from nodding off. Between this and Iron Man, the future of Marvel film releases has never looked so bright, but can they reach X-Men 2/Spider-Man 2 levels of excitement? At this point, that almost seems like a reasonable expectation. (JH)

tsp2.gifThis is great. Chris Weston, having seen Grant Morrison’s comment that “there’s been some talk about doing three two-part All Star Superman specials with some unusual artists who’ve never drawn the character before”, throws his hat into the ring. How can you say no? Not least because he’s a bloody good artist, who could probably do a great job. No-one can replace Frank Quitely for me, but still – I’d buy it. (SP)

tsp2.gifJoe Kelly on Spider-Man. Back in the day, Joe Kelly was earning massive acclaim following his Deadpool run and ended up on Marvel’s flagship title, X-Men, as a result. When that didn’t work out, he defected to DC and never quite got the superstar status he had been tipped for. But now he’s back at Marvel, and writing the book everyone said he was born to do – Spider-Man. His Deadpool run stands as one of the most requested collections ever – perhaps his turn on Spider-Man will convince Marvel to put it back into print? (JH)

tsp2.gifThe current WizardWorld LA convention has brought with it a rash of news, but personally, all my attention is on the X-Men and its massive post-Messiah Complex remix. Fraction coming on board to write with Brubaker. Land and Dodson drawing Uncanny. Pixie joining the Uncanny team (which I totally called). The X-Men franchise hasn’t had this much attention since Quesada first joined Marvel and whipped it into shape, so when you’re a complete X-Men nerd like I am, exciting times are most definitely afoot. (JH)