The Sunday Pages #67

26th July 2009 | by | 3 Comments

This week’s capsule reviews are of Doctor Who: Room with a Deja View, Green Lantern #44, Ms. Marvel #42 and Supergirl #43.

Review: Doctor Who : Room With A Deja View
While most writers of Doctor Who tie-in comics are happy to stick with the “adventurer in time and space” angle, Bleeding Cool / Lying in the Gutters’ Rich Johnston instead wears his Steven Moffat fanboyism on his sleeve, and concocts an entirely action-free story that hinges on a single conversation and which wouldn’t be out of place on a 2000AD “Time Twister” page. It’s clever, but even with the handy device of colouring in the borders with red and blue patterns (the same colour-coding used in the TV series to indicate travelling forwards and backwards in time) don’t make it the easiest thing to follow despite multiple readings. The concept is lovely, though, and shows the sort of invention that Who stories really should provide as a given; while the art and the dialogue are on roughly an even footing in terms of how successfully they capture Tennant’s Doctor – in that when they do, they do it well, but they don’t always quite manage it. [SP]

Review: Green Lantern #44
Where Blackest Night falls victim to “90s crossover” syndrome, in that events from the main series actually carry over to a tie-in issue, thus making it feel like an essential read. Although you can sort of forgive it, seeing as it’s supposed to be specifically a Green Lantern story in the first place. Still, you suspect that Hal and Barry’s battle with the Black Lanterned J’onn J’onnz probably should have taken place in the miniseries itself, especially when Johns appears more concerned with writing Barry (including a nice conversation early in the issue) than Hal. Scenes involving other-coloured Lantern Corps still drag (and John Stewart is still far and away the most boring Earth-born GL to spend page time with), but this is otherwise fairly effective – and Mahnke’s art effectively creepy, further proving that it should probably be him drawing the miniseries, and Reis still on GL. [SP]

Review: Ms. Marvel #42
The rather unconvincingly named “War of the Marvels” begins as Carol Danvers comes back from the dead, though interestingly the issue’s narration still comes largely from Moonstone. It’s almost remarkable how fast Ms. Marvel is currently being cranked out, though inconsistent art from issue to issue suggests that it’s not entirely without cost. Although the concept seems fairly straightforward, a last-minute twist threatens to make things far less so, and to be honest, it comes across more on the side of incomprehensible, rather than ingenious. Depending on the resolution to the cliffhanger, this new storyline could easily go either way at this point. [JHu]

Review: Supergirl #43
Tying Supergirl into World of New Krypton by having Kara join her cousin on New Krypton has finally given this directionless book some purpose, and it’s genuinely relevant to have done so considering the status of her mother, Alura. This standalone issue, which sees Kara exploring her place in Kryptonian society, is thus probably one of the better ones the series has had – although it might have been more effective had someone, anyone, done a decent job of establishing her character properly before now. It’s a victim of slightly unfortunate release timing, too – making reference to Zod, you wonder if it shouldn’t have come out before the most recent issue of World.  It’s a decent enough chapter if you’re interested in the overall story, but even then, it still can’t break free from the realms of “slightly dull”. [SP]