The Sunday Pages #69

9th August 2009 | by | No Comments

This week, we’ve got capsule reviews of Buffy the Vampire Slayer #27, Doctor Who #1, Justice League: Cry for Justice #2, The Mighty #7 and Wednesday Comics #5!

Review : Buffy The Vampire Slayer #27
After last month’s disappointment, this is a much stronger effort, as the self-contained character arc documented here manages to chine quite nicely with the themes of the ongoing story. Jane Espenson cheats slightly in the storytelling, making the reader think that the Buffy’s clash with Twilight is a lot closer than the reality, but the tension it injects into a story that’s otherwise rooted in flashback largely justifies the gambit.  Not all of the running gags hit home (what’s wrong with yak butter?), but it’s a welcome improvement in structuring the plot. [JHa]

Review : Doctor Who #1
After the usual two-week delay in IDW’s Who titles making it to the UK, the wait turns out to have been worth it. ‘The Forgotten’ lost its way a little in the multiple fake-outs of the last few issues, but there are no such flaws in the first instalment of ‘Silver Scream’. The writing is commendably dense, with a larger number of well-rounded guest stars than might be expected from the cover. Al Davison delivers some superb work for the most part, although occasionally his characters’ eyes appear a little “off”. Still, this is vintage stuff, and the long awaited ongoing series is off to a flying start. [JHa]

Review : Justice League : Cry For Justice #2
Ignoring the really quite stupid furore that’s struck up over a throwaway gag on the first page, this is a far stronger issue than its almost universally-derided predecessor. It’s still fairly overwrought, and entirely straight-faced, but once you accept that that’s the case, it’s easier to get on with. The Hal and Ollie scenes are good, and it’s the first Robinson comics in ages where dialogue isn’t emphasised in really strange places. The art, though, is the main draw – it’s a gorgeous book, even if the storytelling’s a little flat at times, and kudos for the Helen Slater cameo on the final page. [SP]

Review : The Mighty #7
Some top-class bastardry from Alpha One here, in a particularly clever scene where he brutally dispatches a bunch of non-English-speaking terrorists – revealed by their dialogue to be working for him – while intentionally mistranslating their words to Gabriel. It’s still hard to deny that we’ve seen the “terrifyingly powerful hero goes wrong” schtick so many times before – from Kid Miracleman to Supershock to the concurrent yet inferior Irredeemable – but Tomasi and Champagne put their spin on it by focusing on Cole’s attempt to deal with the terrifying background presence of Alpha while unable to actually tell anyone what he knows. Still an interesting little book, although it’s curious that it’s pitched as an ongoing, considering that you’d expect the setup to have rather finite story possibilities. [SP]

Review : Wednesday Comics #5
I’m still buying this thing – and having got this far, I feel like I’m committed to the end – but it’s getting increasingly less exciting by the week. It still looks terrific, but most of the stories are either staggeringly uninteresting, or simply not moving along a single iota (or, in the case of the Superman one, both) – and those that are a bit more enjoyable, such as Flash and Supergirl, are simply doing the same thing each week. I still think this was a terrific idea, I just wish that the creators involved had used it to tell stories suited to the format – because just about everything here is little more than a single page of a longer story. [SP]