The Sunday Pages #91

24th January 2010 | by | No Comments

This week: Reviews of Captain America #602, Dark Avengers #13 and Thunderbolts #140 – and some Comics Daily-endorsed T-Shirts!

Review: Captain America #602
I’m someone who’s barely paid any attention to Brubaker’s run, but in the aftermath of the disappointing-yet-intriguing Reborn and really-quite-good Who Will Wield The Shield?, decided to give this a punt as it looked a fairly decent jumping-on point. And it is. Recent events are neatly summated, and it seems that – for the moment at least – Brubaker really is just carrying on with ordinary stories about Bucky continuing in the role. Which is fine, because they still work. And the concept here is strong, not to mention particularly relevant given recent events and the ongoing theme of identity – the idea of yet another Cap running around, this one somewhat psychotic (and yet with a singular belief driving his actions), and the fact that some people, with rumours flying around about Steve’s return, believe him to be the real deal. I don’t know how long this sort of thing will continue (surely Steve will end up wielding the shield again in the longer term?), but for now, it’s good stuff. [SP]

Review: Dark Avengers #13
One can only wonder what Paul Jenkins, creator of the Sentry, thinks about the direction his character has taken since being adopted by Bendis. Initially a single-use Superman/Miracleman riff, The Sentry has been turned around so many times that each time we see “the truth” about the character the concept becomes less and less clear, the character less and less able to support his twisted backstory. This issue sees the Sentry’s origin rewritten once more, with a hefty allusion that the character is, somehow, part of a lineage that includes both Jesus and Moses. To which even the most ardent Bendis fan can only say: what the hell is going on here? Levelled against that kind of development, the fact that this “Siege tie-in” barely (if at all) mentions the event seems positively minor. Not the title’s finest hour by a long shot. [JHu]

Review: Thunderbolts #140
Jess Parker’s first few issues as writer of Thunderbolts were shakey, but as soon as the team actually started besting Agents of Atlas, things looked up a little – it’s just a pity that Parker’s first instance of writing the characters well involves killing off one of the few cast members who actually developed any kind of personality worth mentioning. Of course, it’s a development that was visible a mile off, so it’s hard to be too outraged. Unfortunately, it means that at this point, the cast has little going for them, the concept has spent almost a year spinning its wheels, and the only thing keeping me interested is the certainty that post-Siege there’s going to be another shake-up that’ll probably wipe the slate clean again – and that’s not exactly a good reason to be staying with a series. [JHu]

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