BATMAN v SUPERMAN Officially Filming in IMAX

13th November 2014 | by | No Comments

Update: An IMAX official confirmed that Batman v Superman will be partially shot with IMAX cameras.

Original Article: An iconic scene in Batman’s mythology has been shooting over the past few days on the set of Batman v Superman. That would be the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne, which eventually drove Batman to take up crime-fighting. It’s been shooting in Chicago, and a local resident there got some inside information from the set.

This news come via Twitter, where an eyewitness saw the scene being filmed. He said:
This is pretty big news. Up to now it’s been assumed that it would be completely shot on 35mm film. While some of it still will be, there also will be some IMAX scenes included. IMAX was a crucial part in conveying the big scope of the last Batman franchise, and it’s nice to see its been included here too.

Batman-News also got some inside information on the details of the scene. “A source also told me that Martha Wayne’s pearls will be done in CGI, presumably as they fall from her neck and bounce on the ground after she gets shot,” the report said. A similar technique has been taken before, most recently in Gotham.

Batman v Superman will be released on March 25, 2016.