‘Batman v Superman’ Scene and Plot Details Leaked by an Extra From the Movie

17th October 2014 | by | No Comments

Not a ton of real plot points are known about the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the director of it, Zack Snyder, has made sure to keep all the shooting of it so far very secretive. We’ve gotten a few tidbits here and there, and even a leaked script, which is rumored to either be fake or an early draft of the actual script they’ll use for the film. An extra from the movie leaked some key plot points and information about the movie, and who will be in it.

The first bit of news the extra gave local Michigan news station WILX was that the scene being filmed this weekend will involve a physical altercation between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor at Luthor’s party. Besides the scene description, this little bit of news may be important than you think, as a similar scene was in the leaked script, just a little different. The next bit of news is about Robin and who it will be in the film. WILX reports that as it stands now Robin will be female in the movie. Besides the interesting news that there will be a Robin in such a dark universe, there’s something also about this particular leak that’s important.carriekelley

Remember the rumors started a couple weeks ago that Jena Malone was going to Carrie Kelley in Batman v Superman? While I didn’t initially report on it because there was really not a ton of credible evidence to back it up, this at least gives it a little bit of that. I still don’t think she’s going to be Robin, but now it seems more likely than before. Would you rather see another actress as Robin? Also, what do you think this news means for the direction Batman v Superman is taking? Sound off in the comments below.