Bryan Lee O’Malley teases Scott Pilgrim 6…

16th March 2010 | by | 1 Comment

sp6pixelsThat wily old fox Bryan Lee O’Malley has set internet tongues a-wagging this morning, by posting on his twitter feed a heavily pixellated image that looks like it is in almost all certainly the cover to the so-far untitled sixth and final Scott Pilgrim book. While we’re still waiting for news on the book’s title and its release date, O’Malley’s claim that it’s “a tease of an announcement” suggests that we might just get both bits of info in the not-too-distant future. We know that it’s due out before the film, which itself is due in August – so come on, Bryan. Give it to us in, like, June or something. Make it the best summer ever.

As for the title, my long-held prediction is for something like Scott Pilgrim Wins the Book, or similar. How about you?