‘Doctor Strange’: Even More Actors Being Considering by Marvel

18th October 2014 | by | No Comments

The only movie that’s getting even more attention in the news than Batman v Superman is Doctor Strange, which is mostly because Marvel is still searching for their lead actor. It’s gone from Joaquin Phoenix being the front-runner to him being scared to take a big role back to him wanting to be the sorcerer supreme to what eventually happened, him backing out of the movie altogether. I never really expected him to take the role, but it undoubtedly set Marvel back a bit. Since Phoenix dropped out, many more actors have been rumored for the role, including some old and some new candidates.

The Wrap reports that Benedict Cumberbatch, Keanu Reeves, and Colin Farell are on the top of Marvel’s list for the role. While they initially reported that Joaquin Phoenix was interested again, that was debunked by Phoenix’s agent. The report also says that Jared Leto, Oscar Isaac, and Justin Theroux are also interested in the role. Tom Hardy was also once rumored to be in the movie, but now it appears he won’t be able to because of his commitment to other roles.

I’m honestly kind of getting fed up with all these casting rumors about Doctor Strange. While it is fun to speculate about a role at first, it’s gotten to the point where it’s kind of getting ridiculous. Marvel really should announce their sorcerer supreme soon, otherwise some fans might get burnt out by the movie before it even films.