Ezra Miller is ‘The Flash’ In Upcoming Movie

15th October 2014 | by | No Comments

After the big announcement from DC and Warner Bros. this morning, yet another piece of news has dropped regarding their upcoming movies. WB also announced that Ezra Miller is set to play the Flash in the upcoming solo film set for 2018. It is unknown at this point if he’ll be in Justice League as well, although it’s probably a safe bet he will.


Like most of their recent castings, this one is definitely an unexpected one. WB seems to be embracing the out-of-left-field castings more and more, and hopefully that doesn’t backfire on them later. While I’m not necessarily saying this is a bad choice for the role, because I haven’t actually seen him in it, it’s hard to picture him as the Flash. Nevertheless, we can still hold out hope that Miller can do a good job as the scarlet speedster when 2018(and possibly 2017) rolls around.