Insomniac confirms Miles Morales for upcoming ‘Spider-Man’ game

13th June 2017 | by | 6 Comments

Insomniac Games has released new footage of its upcoming PS4 Spider-Man game at this year’s E3 video game and technology conference in Los Angeles, revealing that the former Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales will play a part in the title.

While there’s no word on whether the player will play as Miles in the game, which is apparently titled simply ‘Spider-Man’, we’d be gobsmacked if it wasn’t at least possible.

The game was originally announced with a well-regarded trailer one year ago, though with no set release date. This trailer confirms that the title is due on shelves at some point in 2018, though from this footage it looks like it’s already in pretty impressive shape.

Before reading any further, you can take a peek at almost 9 minutes of in-game video right here:

Fans of the character will note the pretty stunning recreation of Manhattan – a well-loved element of many previous open-world Spider-Man games. It also seems to have a pretty interesting roster of characters: in addition to Peter and Miles, the trailer shows off The Kingpin, shows spidey battling Mr. Negative’s demons, and demonstrates Spider-Man working closely with Captain Yuriko Watanabe (aka the Wraith) who has been a consistent presence in Dan Slott’s excellent run on the Amazing Spider-Man comic.

All of which is almost enough for us to forgive that downright horrendous costume redesign.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man will be released in 2018, exclusively on the PlayStation 4.