Jesse Eisenberg Rumored to Appear as Lex Luthor in ‘Suicide Squad’

24th October 2014 | by | No Comments

Rumors of a Suicide Squad movie began a few months back before it was officially announced about a week ago. Since then, speculation has run wild on what characters and actors will appear in the movie. So far we have Tom Hardy, Margo Robbie, and Will Smith rumored to be close to signing on, and Ryan Gosling reportedly was offered a part. Between now and it’s release date in 2016, we will get plenty more rumors, like the one today.

Deadline reports that Jesse Eisenberg could take the his version of Lex Luthor that will be introduced in Batman v Superman to Suicide Squad, which premieres soon after. Besides that, the report does not elaborate much on what his role would be like in the film, but he most likely will not team up with the Suicide Squad, maybe he’ll be working behind the scenes and manipulating like it seems he’s going to do in Batman v Superman.

Bringing his character in could be a good a way of bridging the two movies together, although it could easily feel forced. Eisenberg’s schedule around the time it would shoot is also quite busy, so Warner would have to really convince him for Eisenberg to appear in it. Including Luthor in a movie like this could bring more weight to it, so even if it’s a small role in the film, it would still have great significance.