‘Legion’ at SDCC: Noah Hawley developing ‘Doctor Doom’ movie?

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We’re not entirely certain how seriously to take this news, as it involves inferring an awful lot from a brief statement made as part of a Q&A panel. But let’s play at taking it seriously anyway. At the Legion panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2017, showrunner Noah Hawley revealed that the second season of the loosely-based-on-X-Men TV adaptation may not be the only Fox/Marvel property he’s involved with:

Because I’m at Comic-Con, I wanted to let you know about a movie I’m developing for Fox. The first word is ‘Doctor’. And the second is ‘Doom’.

So, yes, it certainly appears from that that Hawley is… well, developing a Doctor Doom movie. Which is pretty exciting, all things told. Hawley may not yet have a heap of experience in movies, but he’s one of the most important and distinctive voices in television right now, with both Legion and Fargo standing as some of the most critically acclaimed series of recent years.

The idea of making a movie just based around Doom is an intriguing one, but having had two failed attempts at getting him right in Fantastic Four movies, perhaps it makes sense. In recent years, particularly with the work done on him by Jonathan Hickman, he’s stood alone from the FF in the context of a wider Marvel universe; obviously a Fox movie wouldn’t have that connection to work with (and wouldn’t be able to set him against Tony Stark unless something really surprising happened) but maybe this would be a way to finally do the character some justice.

But of course, the word “developing” is key, here – we don’t know how far along this is towards being a confirm plan of Fox’s, or just something that Hawley is working on as a potential project or even a pitch. We’ll await announcements from Fox/Marvel themselves with keen interest.

The Legion panel also gave us some tidbits about the show’s future:

Spoilers for Legion season 1 follow!

  • Season two will be ten episodes long, rather than eight
  • Saïd Taghmaoui, fresh off Wonder Woman, will join the cast for season two as Amahl Farouk – the original incarnation of the Shadow King. However, Aubrey Plaza and Quinton Boisclair, who also played the character in different forms, are both also confirmed as returning. We don’t yet know if Jermaine Clement will be doing the same (in the wake of the first season’s ending) – but either way, expect to see a lot of different faces on the show’s main antagonist next year.
  • David’s parentage will be addressed to a greater extent in the second season; and during an encounter with Patrick Stewart, lead actor Dan Stevens mentioned the show to the movie Xavier. “He seemed very unaware of the show, but I mentioned that he was my dad, and he seemed pleasantly surprised.” Hawley, however, advised caution: “Were we to want to have Professor X on the show, or even Patrick Stewart on the show, James McAvoy or one of those actors, is a conversation both with the actor and with the studio. So, I don’t know, I haven’t really dived into that quandary yet, but certainly I need to start thinking about it.”

Legion returns to FX next year. Hawley’s Doctor Doom movie, meanwhile, resides for now in the “No idea if it’s really going to happen but count us excited if it does” file.

Source: CBR