New Images and Details From THE PEANUTS MOVIE

17th November 2014 | by | No Comments

USA Today has released some new images and details from The Peanuts Movie, the upcoming animated film from 20th Century Fox. When discussing the tone, producer Paul Feig confirmed that we won’t see Snoopy twerk or any nonsense like that. “I don’t think his butt’s big enough,” Feig said.

Director Steve Martino says that they’re not going to try to go modern or old-fashioned, instead using the timeless quality that Peanuts has had. “I wake up every day and it’s like, ‘Today’s the day we’re going to win that game! I’m going to kick that football!'” he said. “As you have more life experience, those things have more meaning.”

Writee and Producer Craig Schulz also gave a hint at the direction they could go with Snoopy. “We really get to go into his mind and see what this crazy dog is imagining every day of his life,” said Schulz.

Their goal is to “give the audience a little bit of that feeling when we’re taking flight with Snoopy,” adds Martino.

Some new still images have been released from the movie as well, which you can see down below.
image image image image image The Peanuts Movie is set to come out on November 6, 2015.