New trailer lands for ‘Preacher’ season two

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It would be hard to call the first season of AMC’s Preacher an unqualified success – it certainly had its good points, but struggled slightly with pacing, and with the decision to make an entire season out of backstory, rather than spreading it throughout the run as the comic did. The first and last episodes were terrific, but aside from the Saint of Killers backstory it’s hard to call much of what happened inbetween particularly essential – particularly since we knew all along that (spoilers!) the town of Annville was destined to be destroyed entirely by the season’s end.

But now that the show has caught up with where the characters found themselves four issues into the original comic, we’re optimistic that its second season will open things up somewhat. It’s not that it needs to hew especially close to the books – it’s already arguably moved too far away by now – but it would just be nice to bring in some of that anarchic, freewheeling, road-movie spirit to a show that at times in its first season felt all too ponderous and glum.

And we’ve now got a proper look at how the upcoming new season is shaping up, courtesy of this trailer:

(It’s actually the second trailer to have come along so far, following this brief, Dexy’s-themed tease back in April)

So, what have we learned? Well, unsurprisingly, the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) is front and centre, delivering on the promise of his arrival on present-day Earth at the end of the first season. It looks like Jesse (Dominic Cooper) will have a bit more fun with his Word of God power this time around (so don’t be surprised if it comes back to bite him at some point, too). We get our first proper look at Pip Torrens at Herr Starr, a character who – if done right – could single-handedly make this thing brilliant television (seriously, he’s one of the greatest villains ever).

And it looks like the action is heading straight to New Orleans. In the comics, it takes until the fifth book to get there – with trips to New York, Texas, Louisiana and France happening first – so it’ll be interesting to see where this divergent plot line takes us.

And could this be the season where we get Jody, T.C. and Gran’ma? Or will we have to wait until season three for Jesse’s childhood backstory? We’ll find out when Preacher returns to AMC (or Amazon, for those of us outside the US) later this month.

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