It’s Official: You Cannot Wear Google Glass in Movie Theaters

30th October 2014 | by | No Comments

Earlier this year, a man was caught wearing Google Glass, those fancy glasses with the display and camera, inside an Ohio movie theater. Once he was caught, the Department of Homeland Security questioned him for hours, only to find that he wasn’t trying to record the movie.

The MPAA(Motion Picture Association of America) eventually apologized, but now they’re taking a firm stance against wearing Google Glass in theaters. They, along with NATO(National Association of Theater Owners), announced their ban against Google Glass in movie theaters.

This move comes unsurprisingly. It only seemed like a matter of time until they were fully banned. The reason being piracy. Piracy has grown in recent years, and now it sometimes takes up to half of a movie’s business away. The use of recording and downloading movies online is not only technically stealing, but it’s also ethically wrong. The filmmakers didn’t put all that hard work into a movie just for you to steal it. If everyone eventually pirates movies, then they won’t be able to make them anymore.

The rule could evolve with time, but for now, by the time the trailers are over, your Google Glass better be put away.