Reginald Hudlin to direct Valiant’s ‘Shadowman’

13th June 2017 | by | No Comments

The latest new superhero cinematic universe seems to have taken a step closer to fruition, with the announcement that Reginald Hudlin will direct a movie based on Valiant’s Shadowman.

Valiant announced a wave of movies based on their properties last year – although intriguingly, they did so as part of a five-picture deal with Sony that doesn’t seem to include the Shadowman character. Instead, Sony have the rights to Harbinger and Bloodshot, while Shadowman – along with Archer and Armstrong – is held independently with a studio still to be determined.

Valiant were founded in 1989 by former Marvel President Jim Shooter, and enjoyed a moderately successful run in the early 1990s boom before being bought by videogame publisher Acclaim in 1994. The subsequent comics bust put paid to Valiant’s line, and it seemingly disappeared for good when Acclaim themselves went bankrupt in 2004. But they returned in 2007 with the rights in the hands of a new group, and over the last few years have attracted an increasing level of critical acclaim (no pun intended) and sales success – arguably taking Image’s old place as the “third” major superhero publisher.

Shadowman was created by Shooter, co-writer Steve Englehart and artist Mike Manley. The character is a musician from New Orleans who takes on the latest mantle of a long-running lineage, protecting earth against demonic invasions. A series of Shadow Man (sic) games were released in the Acclaim era, while Ice Cube expressed an interest in developing a movie adaptation in the late 1990s.

Should it come to pass, the film won’t be Hudlin’s first superhero-related work: he wrote Black Panther for Marvel between 2005 and 2008 (marrying T’Challa to Storm in the process), and he’s one of the figures behind the – delayed – Milestone Comics revival at DC.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter