Ryan Reynolds Confirmed as Deadpool

2nd November 2014 | by | No Comments

Earlier this year, we got confirmation a Deadpool movie was in development for release in 2016. The main reason for that was the leaked test footage of Deadpool that was, well, awesome. Fans demanded a Deadpool movie get made, and Fox listened.

Ryan Reynolds played Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which was an almost recognizable version of the character. Reynolds was one of the driving forces to getting a Deadpool movie made, although his job was on the line after his role in X-Men Origins was poorly received. Over this past weekend at Stan Lee’s Comikaze, Rob Liefeld talked a little bit about how the Deadpool movie is coming along, saying(via

“Following Wolverine 2009, the Donners called me into their office and said, ‘Rob, we want to meet and talk to you about Deadpool, since we’re spinning it off. We know we made some missteps, and we want to get it right.’ So I sat there with a bunch of producers, and we sat for several hours, and we talked about different ideas. And I tried to steer them in directions I think. For instance, I’ll tell you, first question they said, ‘Rob, does Cable need to be in the Deadpool movie?’ And I said, ‘No, Deadpool deserves his own function and Cable should come in in his own movie.’ And they were like, ‘Ok, because we were thinking about…’ And I was like, ‘No, you can do them both separately. They don’t need to be in the same movie.’ Look, we had a long talk, we had some ideas, I can’t share them, some of them made it across the finish line.

And then, they were brilliant and hired the Zombieland writers. Those guys are fantastic. I went to see Zombieland like five times in the theater. I was like, ‘This is genius.’ And the Deadpool script is fantastic. Three years ago, the director Tim Miller, he came to me four years ago, three years ago he goes, ‘Rob, I want you to come up and see what we’re doing.’ And he showed me all the pre-prep work. And then, Ryan Reynolds is pulling up to film this scene that day. And I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, what is happening?’ Cut to that footage is in the locker for three years…three years, and god bless whoever leaked that. Whoever leaked it and goes to jail, we need to cheer them. That movie is happening, as that guy goes in cuffs, because the Fox guy told me, ‘Rob, we have computer forensics. We will find that person.’ “

It’s a real shame that the person who leaked the footage will get punished. While he did technically break the rules, he should be seen as a hero at Fox, because without whoever it was, this Deadpool movie probably wouldn’t be happening.

Liefeld also talked about Reynold’s involvement in the movie, saying:

“Ryan is Deadpool. Look, Ryan Reynolds, he’s gone through that same career arc, the guy is ridiculously talented. He has a huge, huge passion for Deadpool. Deadpool’s not happening, because he was a giant star, they said, ‘Ryan, what do you want to do?’ And he said, ‘Deadpool.’ That’s why it happened. They would have no faith otherwise. That movie is because of his passion. He put together the team.”

Despite how bad he was in X-Men Origins, Reynolds undoubtedly killed it in the leaked footage. If it’s more of the same, than count me in. The soft reboot done by Days of Future Past also theoretically allows a new version of Deadpool to be introduced, and he will be apart of that universe. If he will appear in any X-Men movies is unknown, although if he is a hit with audiences, Fox will probably make it happen.