Shawn Levy Set to Direct ‘Minecraft’ Movie

16th October 2014 | by | No Comments

Shortly after The a Lego Movie made Warner Bros. a bunch of money, they acquired the film rights for Minecraft, an online game created by Mojang. While not a lot is known about the movie or what it could even be about, we now have some more insight into who’s going to fill out the production team.

Deadline reports that Shawn Levy, known for films like Real Steel and The Pink Panther is in talks to direct. The movie itself is rumored to be a live-action/CGI blend, which works well sometimes but more often than not doesn’t.

There are plenty of directions they could decide to go with this movie, considering the source material. While I don’t have much experience with the game myself, it does seem to be a hit among younger audiences so the potential audience is there. If you want to see a sample of Levy’s work, his next movie, Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb comes out later this year.