‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ takes $117m in opening weekend

10th July 2017 | by | No Comments

The numbers for Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s opening weekend are in, and it’s official: the film is the second best Spider-Man movie – assuming, of course, you recognise a movie’s opening weekend box office as a measure of quality. Which we don’t.

But still, Sony has to be pleased with Homecoming‘s performance – $117 million at the domestic box office is considerably healthier than most of their previous, non-MCU Spider-Man movies. While keeping in mind the fact that there are numerous factors that can all affect a movie’s opening weekend – specific competition that weekend, the weather, the number of screens it opens on, inflation, 3D premiums and so on – we will now attempt to discuss the franchise’s historical performance.

So, the previous Spider-Man movie – Amazing Spider-Man 2 – clocked in at just $91 million for its opening weekend in 2014. It ultimately made a little more than twice that at the box office, but as the weakest-performing Spider-Man film to date, its poor numbers were the impetus Sony needed to trash its plans for the franchise and go back to the drawing board. There’s a good chance Spider-Man: Homecoming will blow past ASM2‘s box office total by the end of this week.

For comparison, the original Amazing Spider-Man limped in at $62 million in 2012, and the only Spidey film that beat Homecoming’s opening weekend was Raimi’s Spider-Man 3, which took $151 million in its opening weekend – though if you adjust for inflation it’s likely that Raimi’s Spider-Man – which took $114 million – did better business too.

For reference, Spider-Man 2 made $88 million in its opening weekend, which if nothing else demonstrates that the quality of the film rarely has anything to do with how much it takes in its opening weekend. All analytical eyes will now be interested in how much the drop off is this time next week, and whether Homecoming can break Sony’s streak of managing to make less and less money with each Spider-Man movie. We’re pretty confident that it will.

Source: Box-Office Mojo