Star Wars Rebels: ‘Breaking Ranks’ Review

2nd November 2014 | by | No Comments

There’s been a long and heated debate about the ability of Stormtroopers. While in theory they should be killing machines, they never seem to be able to hit their target. What is ironic about this episode is that it shows them in training being able to hit their marks perfectly. Apparently it’s when they are under pressure that they can’t perform.

Breaking Ranks starts out with Ezra at the Imperial Academy, training to become a Stormtrooper. The reason why is not immediately known, but we later find out it’s part of a mission planned by the crew of the Ghost. He has to pass several rigorous courses in order to move up in his training. He eventually gets two new characters to help him out along the way. One of them, Jai Kell, is trying to get back to his family on Lothal. The other, Zare Leonis, is trying to find his lost sister, who mysteriously disappeared.

This is one of the first episodes where Ezra is truly a likable character. Before, he just felt like the typical pesky and annoying kid, but here, you actually feel like rooting for him. While this is not the most exciting episode, it’s still a great ride. It ditches the usual structure the other episodes have had, which I appreciate. This episode is also pretty significant if you look at in terms of canon. It confirms the notion that eventually people were recruited to be Stormtroopers and they were not Clones anymore.

Breaking Ranks is not the best episode so far, but it’s not bad either. There’s plenty of suspense and action to keep everyone interested. The one small complaint I have with it is that I would have liked to see more of the rest of the crew. While Ezra served fine as a main character, he’s probably not going to lead the story a whole lot in the future.