The Day That Comics Were More Popular Than Twilight

8th March 2010 | by | 2 Comments

amazoncomicsWhat a glorious thought. And what a glorious sight (see left, image from Bleeding Cool).

Yes, for those who haven’t caught all the fuss, it seems that earlier today (this morning UK time, presumably middle of the night for our cousins), lots of big expensive hardcover books (mostly Marvel, but then spreading to other publishers – although notably, nothing of DC’s) became stupidly cheap on Amazon US due to a system glitch. Even with shipping costs to the UK, anyone lucky enough to get an order in will have been well up on the deal. And we eagerly await word from Amazon, assuming it’s in any way forthcoming, on just how much this little slip-up will have cost them.

Sadly, due to having Pretty Much No Money, despite catching discussion of it on Twitter in its early stages, I wasn’t able to take advantage. Not that a load of Marvel hardcovers would have been that much use to me (was Alias cheap, though? That might have been nice. And I wouldn’t say no to a big Ultimates omnibus on my shelf), but by gum, had I the spare dosh, I’d have been all over those EC archives like a rash. Ah well. Next time, Gadget.