Tom Hardy is Venom

20th May 2017 | by | No Comments

And let’s just say that again, because it needs a couple of goes before it really sinks in:

Tom Hardy is Venom.

Yes, that Tom Hardy has signed on to play that Venom, in Sony’s new “Well, look, just because ASM2 flopped it doesn’t mean we can’t go back to our well of bad ideas” spinoff (yet also not really a spinoff) from the newest iteration of their Spidey franchise.

We speculated on the podcast a little while ago as to what a Venom film might be about, and whether it should be Flash Thompson’s “Agent Venom” version of the character; but no, Sony have confirmed that he’s playing Eddie Brock, the original.

The film has a director, too: it’s Ruben Fleischer, reports Variety. Fleischer was behind the cult hit Zombieland, and the rather less successful Gangster Squad; it’s likely the former that has served as his credentials to get this job. Which is fair enough – if you’re going to do Venom, then black humour is certainly a way to go about it.

It’s hard to know what to think about these Spidey spinoff films until we get a sense of where in the “universe” Sony are placing them; they certainly won’t be in the MCU, but will they have a connection to Tom Holland’s webslinger at all? Our instinct is that a Venom movie without any kind of connection to any kind of Spider-Man is a baaaaad idea.

Source: Variety