Watch two new trailers for ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

24th May 2017 | by | No Comments

As if we haven’t been teased with enough footage already, Sony and Marvel have decided to treat us with not one, but two brand new trailers for Spider-Man: Homecoming. And, erm, you guys, it’s beginning to look like Iron Man might be in the movie.

The first is a pretty standard continuation of what we saw in the earlier trailers. There’s a closer look at some of the Stark tech of Peter Parker’s Spidey suit this time, and a bunch of charming Peter Parker character moments as well. But the thing that got us most excited was our first taste of dialogue from Donald Glover, who looks like he’s firmly in mentor mode. You can check out that one out below.

The international trailer, however, has a bunch of new stuff. There’s the super fun Peter Parker POV footage from Captain America: Civil War that we’ve been hearing about ever since Comic Con, but mostly this trailer’s all about giving us a lot more of Michael Keaton’s Vulture and his evil plan. And it looks like the film will be leaning fairly heavily on its MCU connections.

Also debuting alongside the trailers are a pair of new posters, one of which is perfectly serviceable, but the less said the other monstrosity, the better. It looks like a child has been let loose on their new Spider-Man sticker book, and got so excited they had to include all of their favourite characters twice.

In a way, though, that’s indicative of the Spider-Man: Homecoming marketing as a whole. After sitting through all of the various versions of all of the trailers, it kind of feels like we’ve seen the film already. Hopefully they’ve been holding back on certain aspects, like Peter’s school life for example. Because at this point, it seems like Zendaya’s character may be the only ace left up Spidey’s Stark-engineered sleeve.