World War Z 2 Will Start With a Clean Slate According to its Writer

21st January 2015 | by | No Comments

When World War Z was first coming out, it seemed likely that the film would underperform with such a big budget and such terrible tracking. However, the numerous reshoots that went along with the film did not deter fans, and it made over $60 million at the domestic box office on its opening weekend, which is by no means a disappointment.

Because of that, of course, it’s already getting a sequel. Brad Pitt will likely be back this time around with Steven Knight writing a treatment for the script and Juan Antonio Bayona directing the film. With that all said, it now appears that World War Z 2 will continue on a different path than the one set up in the first one.

While talking with Thompson on Hollywood, Knight revealed that the film will start completely fresh instead of being a direct follow-up to World War Z. Here’s the excerpt:

He’s writing the treatment for the sequel for Brad Pitt’s Plan B’s “World War Z,” which is set to shoot in October for 2016 release. “I thought, ‘why not? What fun.’ It’s not quite like the other, we’re starting with clean slate. When they’ve signed off we’re on.”

World War Z left off in a place that could in theory leave it wide open for a sequel if they chose to do so. That’s what makes this move so utterly puzzling. Why reboot it only a few years after its release when the first film was already fairly successful. If anything, this might only be a soft reboot, allowing for the filmmakers to have a little more creative freedom for this next one.

World War Z 2 is set for release sometime in 2016.