‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Cinematographer Set For ‘Star Wars’ Spin-off

24th October 2014 | by | No Comments

Besides the main saga that Disney is continuing with Star Wars, they also planned to bring separate stand-alone movies every other year. They found the directors for the first two earlier this year, Josh Trank and Gareth Edwards. While it’s still unconfirmed who exactly they will follow, they’re rumored to center around Han Solo and Boba Fett.

Edwards is set to direct the first one in 2016, and he now has a cinematographer on-board. During an interview with In Contention, Greig Fraser confirmed he is set to be the cinematographer for the first Star Wars spin-off, saying:

“I’m doing a fucking Star Wars movie, which is like – I don’t know about you but Star Wars is like my first film love, do you know what I mean?… Gareth is doing a standalone film. Of course I do know some specifics, but it’s obviously something I’ve signed my kidneys away for.”

With the secrecy that’s surrounded these films so far, it’s not a big surprise he’s not allowed to get into specifics. Fraser is known for films like Zero Dark Thirty and the upcoming Foxcatcher, so either of the characters mentioned above would work for his sensibilities. Which one would you like to see Fraser do? Leave your thoughts below.