FEAR Short Film Review

12th November 2014 | by | No Comments

I recently had the chance to watch the latest short film from director Steve Kahn early. The film presents very little information, but says a lot through its actions, making for a great short film.

The short follows a girl that we know very little about, and how she deals with escalating events that could prove dire. The film combines great cinematography, sound design, and direction for a chilling experience.

Most horror films use dark cinematography, which works well for the genre but doesn’t give you the feeling that it could actually happen. However, Fear uses a very realistic look to convey the feeling that this could happen in our world. The shots utilized are able to give a sense of claustrophobia, which increases as the film goes on to create even more suspense.

The only real complaint I have about the film was the dialogue. I felt it wasn’t needed and would have been even more ominous without it. Otherwise, Fear makes for a really great independent short film, one you should watch if it you get the chance.