Ghost Rider #33

16th March 2009 | by | 1 Comment

Under Jason Aaron, Ghost Rider has become a real Comics reader’s comic. If you’re the sort of person who likes picking up hidden Silver-Age gems where Batman and Robin turn into horses and have a western-style shoot-out with King Kong, then why not take the opportunity to see the modern equivalent in the making and give the series a look. His run will remind you exactly why comics is the most awesome medium on the planet.

So…now I have to try and explain why I think that. Let’s look at the issue. Over the course of 22 pages, Aaron shows the new “Caretaker” doubting her role, juxtaposed against the Ghost Riders that have existed through history. That, in itself, sounds a bit “Spawn” and nothing particularly interesting. Except when you see what Aaron’s actually come up with. A Native American Ghost Rider with a flaming tomohawk. A squad of Nazi-hunting Ghost Riders with a flaming tank. A redneck Ghost Rider riding a flaming juggernaut. And then, just when I thought it had been as ridiculous as possible, the issue culminates with some Cybernetic Ghost Riders coming back from the future. Imagine Hell’s Angel versions of Judge Dredd and Judge Anderson with borg implants, and flaming skulls for heads, and you’re pretty much there.

Later on, there’s a scene where a giant dude called The Deacon attacks a convent of kung fu nuns, and they’ve all got NUNCHUCKS. NUN CHUCKS. Jason Aaron is quite probably going to be the next Garth Ennis, and if his Ghost Rider run is this much fun, I can’t wait to see what he does with Wolverine. Right now, the appeal of Ghost Rider is almost unique in the mainstream – certainly at Marvel. Aaron has written coherent and engaging storylines that still take you for an absolute thrill-ride, and when you’re talking about a flame-headed spirit of vengeance, well, isn’t that exactly how it should be?