‘Ouija’ Movie Review

1st November 2014 | by | No Comments

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Habro has made its debut in the horror genre with their new movie Ouija, based off of the classic board game. Like the rest of Hasbro’s films so far, it’s pretty bad. Ouija relies on cheap thrills and predictable plot twists to entertain, and it does not do a very good job at that.

Ouija follows a group of five teens who try to uncover the mystery of their friend Debbie’s sudden suicide. It turns out that it wasn’t a suicide, and she was instead possessed by a spirit that made her do it. That spirit continues to haunt the group throughout the movie, as they try to discover a way to get rid of it.

When the best thing you can say about a movie is, “At least it was short,” you know that’s not a good sign. The film seriously drags in the beginning. The horror elements don’t really kick in till the end of the movie, and that would be fine if it had interesting characters and a good storyline. Unfortunately, it lacks both those things. Just about every plot beat has been repeated one way or another in a past horror film.

For a movie that relies so heavily on its actors’ performances, you would think they would get some decent actors to bring those parts to life the best they could. That’s not the case, as most of the acting in Ouija feels flat and unconvincing. The one positive thing about Ouija is it does scare you, and quite a bit. It sticks with you too, which could be considered an achievement. While it does succeed in scaring, it fails in being a good film. Five teens gathered around a board does not seem naturally cinematic, but it could have worked.

Ultimately, Ouija‘s horror elements feel pointless without a good story to back it up. If you are just in it for a thrill here or there, then this is not a bad choice. Otherwise, stay away. Hopefully this movie will convince other studios from staying away adapting board games in the future.