Seaguy: The Slaves of Mickey Eye #1

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watch dracula 3000 in divx winnie the pooh a very merry pooh year online Despite some stiff competition, the original Seaguy limited series still stands as one of the strangest things Grant Morrison has ever written. While not as obviously mature as some of his more “out there” pieces, the sharp split between the Pixar-does-Popeye opening and the 1984-style nightmare of the conclusion is a truly unexpected mix, particularly in the light of the author’s determination to treat the hero as a serious character. Picking up from the downbeat ending of the first story, Slaves of Mickey Eye effectively has to repeat the events of the last series, leaving Seaguy ready to be taken forward.

Despite having been brainwashed back into his old life by the forces of Mickey Eye, our hapless hero knows something’s not right with the world. With his new best friend not cutting the mustard and Death under arrest, however, he’s not got many places to turn for enlightenment. Morrison doesn’t miss a trick here, providing an opening that both serves as a recap for readers of the 2004 series and an introduction to the world for those who missed out. The old and new figures it contains are both distinctive and self aware, with Lucky’s self-doubt perfectly reflecting the reader’s initial dismissal of this replacement for the late Chubby Da Choona. The character’s final actions, however, are a truly wonderful moment of black comedy, one of several instances of Morrison perfectly playing on the butter-wouldn’t-melt tone of Cameron Stewart’s art.

What makes Seaguy such a unique proposition is its scale of ideas. The enemy in the book isn’t just an element of society, but its entirety. Over the pages of this issue, Mickey Eye manifests itself as a Disney-like entertainment monolith, a foodstuff manufacture, the police, a religion and the scientific intelligentsia. The question that this issue poses is if Seaguy is to pit himself against all of these pillars of reality, what can he possibly stand for in doing so. A simple act of faith in his childhood friend is enough to pull him through his first clash with Sea Dog, but it’s clear that he’ll have to muster something more substantial to make it through the second volume of adventures. Despite its outward simplicity, it’s a sometimes a stretch to keep pace with the book’s imagination. The reward for doing so, however, is unparalleled.quid pro quo download

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