Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk #6

28th May 2009 | by | No Comments

After so long waiting for the conclusion to this series, it’s hard to know what to say. Was it good? Well, yeah. In fact, it was really good a lot of the time. If it hadn’t been good in the first place, it’s fair to say that no-one would have actually cared when it disappeared off the schedules for 3 years. A better question at this point is to say “Was it worth the wait?” – and that’s harder to say. It delivered a Wolverine Vs. Hulk story, and it delivered a better one than the “real” Marvel Universe has done in years – but it does so just as the Ultimate Universe is about to lose all semblance of relevance. For most of us, 3 years of waiting will have soured the memory of the series irreconcilably, but future generations, enjoying the collection edition, will applaud our patience. Probably.

Strangely, Issue 6 is one of the more muted instalments. Perhaps Lindelof suffered a bit trying to wrap up the arc. Perhaps it just changed so much from the original plan that he wasn’t sure what he was doing with it. Or perhaps this was always the intentional ending, and it’s a 3 year wait that’s making it seem a bit hurried. At this point, it’s hard to look at it with an objective eye.

The climatic moments in the issue are predicated on the rather strange idea that Wolverine wants the Hulk to die, rather than Banner. A tough decision to get on board with, and one Lindelof doesn’t really manage to convince me of in the issue. Likewise, the Nick Fury “twist” at the end seems a bit of an afterthought. It’s not his strongest plotting, that’s for sure. However – there’s good dialogue throughout, and Yu’s artwork is so far beyond his work on Secret Invasion that it’s not even funny. Generally speaking, it’s an entertaining comic, despite its plotting flaws.

Whether or not Lindelof has redeemed himself with the tail end of the series remains to be seen. Either way, it’s highly unlikely that he’ll actually show his face in comics again at all, although there is a chance – Kevin Smith has proven that there’s a way back in, after all. It’d be sad to lose a writer as keenly capable as Lindelof altogether, but if we’ve learnt anything from Ultimate Wolverine Vs. Hulk it’s that, well, he should probably stick to one-shots.very bad things dvd download girl happy divx online download dead buried dvdrip far off place a download