Uncanny X-Men #507

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It’s sometimes easy to forget that Matt Fraction hasn’t been writing superhero comics all that long. While many writers are content to just hammer out the stories, Fraction has frequently shown himself to be interested in experimenting with the format of comics, and finding unique ways to tell a story – whether it’s the use of his closed “Five Nightmares” narration in Invincible Iron Man

#1 or, as in this issue, by splicing two narratives together in such a way that they actually feed directly into one another. Whatever you think of Fraction’s X-Men (and I’m aware not everyone enjoys it like I do) you can’t fault his obvious attempts to do something a little new with each issue.

The concluding part of Lovelorn

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brings two plot threads to a close – the first sees Beast and Angel tracking down scientists in an attempt to resolve the effects of M-Day, and the second sees Colossus finally getting over the loss of Kitty by beating up some Russian gangsters and saving some trafficked women to attain some personal resolution. As far as X-Men stories go, neither of these is particularly on-theme, however it does feel as those they both needed to be told. M-Day in particular has been hanging over the property for years now, and readers have yet to see it generate enough story material to justify the editorial edict that brought it into existence. The suggestion that the status quo might finally revert back to pre-House of M levels is a tantalising one.

However, the real development in the “X-Club” story thread is that Hank now knows that Angel can once again access his “Archangel” form – something readers themselves wouldn’t actually know unless they were reading X-Force. It’s nice to see the series stop dancing around the fact and bring it into the open, suggesting character material for both Beast and Angel in the process. All too often, the focus can be placed on newer or more popular X-Men, so it’s nice to see Fraction give some good material to the old guard for a change. Likewise, Colossus reaches a turning point in this arc, finally putting the memory of Kitty behind him – which, as anyone knows, means that it’s the perfect time for her to return.

Overall, Lovelorn

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hasn’t been not Fraction’s best arc – it’s satisfying enough if you’re a fan of the spotlighted characters, and represents a necessary step in the development of the title, but hopefully the next arc will have a little less solo material, and a little more of the X-Men being kill me later movie