Wolverine #73

14th May 2009 | by | 1 Comment

If there was ever a comic that came along at exactly the right moment, this is it. A matter of hours after the dubious Wolverine movie had violated my critical sensibilities, I found myself idly picking up a Wolverine comic, unsure whether the character still held any appeal. If the Wolverine movie had been half as good as this, there wouldn’t have been any doubt in the first place. It’s a comic so good that you actually forget to roll your eyes at the idea that it came out prior to Wolverine #72.

More than any writer has in years, Jason Aaron really gets Wolverine. Helpfully, he’s also paired up with Andy Kubert, an artist who more than almost any other, draws a truly definitive Logan. Technically, this is a split book, with half a story by the aforementioned superteam, and half a story by Daniel Way and Tommy Lee Edwards. I’ll be honest. I haven’t even read that half of the book. I’ve just read the first half over and over.

It largely consists of little more than single-panel images of Wolverine as he bounces from day to day, helping the Avengers one moment, fighting alongside X-Force the next, occasionally taking a brief timeout. It’s funny. It’s emotional. It’s filled with action. Best of all, it manages to reconcile Wolverine’s overexposure with his personal nature, and it ends on a cliffhanger that actually offers an intriguing reason to go and pick up the next issue.

One of my chief complaints about the Wolverine movie was that somewhere along the line, they forgot that Wolverine was supposed to be cool. This comic seems almost designed to remind you exactly why he is. It’s rare I’d describe a Wolverine comic as a must-buy, but this one is exactly that.

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