X-Men Legacy #221

24th February 2009 | by | No Comments

This chapter of the Rogue arc takes the rather odd step of not actually including its main villain, Danger, in any direct capacity. Instead, Danger’s role is altered so that she is orchestrating the environment, replaying Rogue’s memories through the use of Danger Room simulations. The technique acts as a far more elegant way to weave the series’ trademark flashbacks in and out of the story, though as ever, if you don’t have the knowledge to identify what you’re seeing, you’re not going to get it here.

The arc isn’t quite what it should be yet – so far, Danger’s targeting of Rogue makes very little sense, nor the manner in which she attempts to subdue her. Likewise, Mystique’s appearances in Rogue’s psyche seem positively confusing – in a story stuffed with holograms, Mystique is actually a mental projection of Rogue’s, but it clashes to have both going on at the same time.

Carey’s stories on X-Men Legacy have been of uneven quality from arc to arc – at its worst, Carey’s writing is incredibly transparent in its attempt to correct the “mistakes” of continuity, and even at its best, it relies on somewhat gimmicky ties to history. Whether the book really does exist purely to serve Carey’s own sense of continuity, it certainly wasn’t designed to serve the majority of fans, and it’s probably for the best that “Legacy” – entertainingly nostalgic as it is – is only a limited story.

The one element of the book that has consistently improved is the artwork. This issue might actually be my favourite yet, with both present and flashback sequences cleanly pencilled and brightly coloured –  a far cry from the title’s earlier, shadowy look. There’s no part of the book that fails outright, but levelled against the rest of the X-line, it distinguishes itself purely by being, well… a bit mediocre and forgettable.