X-Men Legacy #225

18th June 2009 | by | No Comments

This week has been all about one book: Captain America #600.

However, we already know it was a damp squib, so we’ll save a review until later on and instead focus on something we actually find interesting this week. And if you’re me, that’s X-Men: Legacy #225.

After wrapping up the storyline featuring Rogue and Danger, which went on slightly too long but gave welcome resolution to a couple of ongoing X-Men plots at the same time, Carey brings the book full circle and takes us back to Xavier and the Acolytes. The last time we saw them, Xavier was leaving after turning down a leadership role. This time, he’s coming back to finish the job of dismantling them once and for all.

The opening sequence features some typically inventive uses of Xavier’s powers.  It’s been a while since anyone did anything with one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet other than have him speak into people’s brains, so in X-Men Legacy, Carey has taken delight in showcasing other uses for the power, from a traditional battle on the astral plane, to co-option of the available fauna, to this issue’s all-out mental assault on the Acolytes, who are left reeling from an attack conducted on various levels. It’s an enjoyable start to the issue, and it’s a pity the rest of it slows down somewhat.

Artist Phil Briones isn’t given much material to work with throughout the issue, and after the opening sequence there’s a fair amount of talking heads. At least one squence is hard to decipher (A post-hypnotic suggestion causes Random to, er, something) and the best moments tend to come when he is allowed to illustrate the group fights between the X-Men and various warring factions, rather than the dull, featureless Acolyte base.

If Carey’s good at anything, it’s giving the status quo enough of a push that there becomes room for some new stories. That, if anything, is the consequence of the story arcs on Legacy, and this one is no different. The idea of a few former Acolytes joining the X-Men in San Francisco is an intriguing one, so hopefully Carey (or Fraction) will pick up on it – although it’s fair to say the really big moment in the issue the ending tie-in to Dark X-Men. It feels odd saying it, but if that team goes the way I’m thinking it will, perhaps this issue should’ve had a Dark Reign banner on it?