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Joe Cunningham – Managing Editor

Joe has been addicted to movies ever since he mainlined Disney animated classics as a toddler, but his love for superhero movies blossomed after seeing Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man in cinemas as an impressionable 13 year-old. Now a fully-fledged grown-up, he still consumes an unhealthy amount of pop culture, and if he’s not busy watching it then he’s probably busy discussing it. He’s previously written for Film4, Empire, Radio Times, Virgin Media, The Playlist and HeyUGuys, and is the presenter of the Cinematic Universe podcast.
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James Hunt – Features Editor

James has worked as the editor for IGN’s Planet X-Men and Classic Gaming websites, as deputy editor for Mental Floss UK, and as a staff reviewer at Comic Book Resources. He’s also a freelance writer for Den of Geek, SFX, Wired, Comic Heroes, Virgin Media and more, and one third of the Cinematic Universe podcast team. He’s well past putting jokes of any kind in his bio.
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Seb Patrick – Podcast & Reviews Editor

Seb’s love of superheroes and comics began with Christopher Reeve’s Superman in the mid-1980s, and has only continued to grow from there. But the fact that his daughter shares a name with a major Superman supporting character is a coincidence, honest. He writes or has written for Den of Geek, BBC America’s Anglophenia, Empire, When Saturday Comes, New Statesman and Comic Heroes; is the editor of the official Red Dwarf website; and works on digital content for a PR and communications agency.
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Jeremy Owens – Founder,

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Julian Hazeldine – Contributor

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