Nerd’s Eye View: Iron Man 2 Trailer

8th March 2010 | by | No Comments

Blah blah Youtube blah. And now, the main event:

Anyone who has ever read Iron Man knows that the briefcase armour is Proper Comics. Something just crazy enough that it shouldn’t work. The fact that someone spent millions of pounds making sure that it did is reason enough to love superhero movies. Note: other things that are Proper Comics include Wolverine’s bone claws, Galactus’ skirt and Ghost Rider. As you can see, we should be grateful that someone’s making the effort to do the source material justice for a change.


Listen, Mr. Samsonite, about the briefcase...

Anyway. What does that armor look like once it’s on? Why, it’s a version of the “Silver Centurion” suit! Many people actually prefer this colour scheme to the traditional red and gold. I’m not sure if I’d count myself among that group, but I can’t deny that it is awesome to see it on screen.


Coming in Iron Man 3, because you demanded it and because there are now no other major designs left to depict: the infamous "nose" armour.

Say what you like about Mark Millar, but him and Bryan Hitch are pretty much the only reason that anyone cares about this shot:


Will Iron Man help get those motherfucking snakes off the motherfucking helicarrier? I haven't checked, but I'm fairly sure no-one has made that joke before.

Personally, I’m disappointed they didn’t go with the original Black Widow costume, but I’m not sure even Scarlett Johansson could have pulled that one off. Plus, this way they probably don’t have to pay the estate of Don Heck any additional royalties:


"Originally I was a ballerina, but at the news of my husband's death, I became a spy for the KGB." (dialogue from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance)

There is currently no word as to whether they’ll be using the “violence-loving nutcase” version of War Machine from his most recent series, but from Cheadle’s generally quite tentative portrayal of the character, I’m guessing not.


James Rhodes sports the "Variable Threat Response Suit", later renamed "War Machine" by someone with no apparent sense of irony.

Now, rule #1 of Internet Criticism is not to judge a film before you’ve seen it, lest you end up looking like one of those foaming lunatics on the AICN forums. However, it is my judgement that this film will be awesome. Between this, Kick Ass and Scott Pilgrim, I’m fairly confident that this year’s wave of comics films is going to more than compensate for last year’s Wolverine/Watchmen debacle.