The previous X-Men film brought fan-favourite Jubilee to the screen (just about) and now Entertainment Weekly has confirmed that the upcoming sequel, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, will follow in its steps and feature another mutant we’ve all been waiting for: Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler.

Debuting in her own series in 1980, Dazzler was a mutant pop star who could transform sound energy into light beam, including powerful lasers. She eventually found her way to the main cast of the X-Men and after disappearing throughout much of the 90s, enjoyed a late revival as a kitsch favourite of fans and writers.

Dazzler actually had a brief cameo in X-Men Apocalypse, appearing on the cover of an LP in a scene that was deleted before release.

No word yet on who will play her, or indeed, how meaty her role will be (since she has zero presence in the comics ‘Dark Phoenix Saga’, we’re guessing ‘not very’) but if, like us, you enjoy seeing various X-Men characters brought to life for cameo appearances then that’s one we can tick off in advance.

The only question now is which version we’ll be seeing. The timeline of the movies means it’s probably too late for the silver playsuit disco queen to make much sense, but we’d be very keen on seeing them do the 1980s New Wave Dazzler:

The X-Men's Dazzler by Joe Jusko

Fingers crossed.

X-Men: Dark Phoenix is due for release on 2 November 2018, directed by Simon Kinberg.