Innoventions, in a way, never felt like it was going to have a permanent stay in Tomorrowland. That could be in part due to the nature of the attraction, which promotes constant change and innovation, as represented by the inventions and demos of cool tech that didn’t stay for very long, or perhaps because it always seemed Disney had something bigger on the horizon, but they weren’t sure what that was yet so they used the attraction as the placeholder.

Then, just months after Disney purchased Lucasfilm and Star Wars, rumors began flying around that they were planning on turning Tommorowland into a Star Wars-themed area. Those plans have either since changed or never existed at all, because now all signs point to them building that new area in another section of the park(likely Toontown). But if that was what they were going to do, Innoventions would have probably closed down in favor of a new attraction to better fit the area.

Star Wars might still not be coming to the park(except for Star Tours, of course), at least officially, but that hasn’t stopped Disney from shutting down Innoventions to build something new there. The Orange County Register was the first to post about the closing, with this slightly vague statement from a Disney representative, “As part of our continuing efforts to offer our guests new magic, we regularly make modifications and enhancements throughout the Disneyland Resort. We have nothing further to announce at this time.”

Rumors and speculation of what could possibly replace it have already begun making the waves. As you would assume, most are guessing that either a Star Wars or Marvel ride or attraction of some sort will be taking the space there. That is a logical conclusion to be drawn, although in all likelihood it will be something for Marvel, unlike some may have hoped.

The word on a potential Marvel ride coming to the Disneyland resort earlier was that it would be heading to California Adventure, where it would be built near Cars Land and Hollywoodland. The attraction would be similar to Rock n’ Roller-Coaster of Disney World, except for the obvious replacement of Aerosmith with Marvel characters.

If I had to venture a guess, and this is all just speculation, it seems that concept is changing parks and now heading to Disneyland. Innoventions is about the right space for that sort of ride, and if you may remember, there was talk before of a Stark Expo-themed attraction replacing Innoventions. And since they have bigger plans for Star Wars in other realms of the park, it makes sense why that would be the perfect spot for Marvel, especially given that Marvel-themed exhibits already resided within Innoventions. Whatever the case is, we should probably know what’s replacing it soon enough with D23 right around the corner.