Final ‘Wonder Woman’ trailer is pretty great

8th May 2017 | by | No Comments

… and no, we don’t mean the video where Gal Gadot and Chris Pine awkwardly introduce their characters. We mean this, the final international trailer for Wonder Woman that goes heavy on the sweeping action and neat character beats, rather than seemingly relaying almost the entire plot of the first half of the film the way the previous trailer did:

This one maybe does the best job so far of getting across the “No, really, it’s quite like Captain America!” vibe, and while it’s still a little disconcerting hearing other Amazonian characters speaking in affected versions of Gadot’s accent, it’s nice to see some colours that aren’t Snyder Blue-Grey. There’s also our first proper introduction to the film’s villain, Doctor Poison (Elena Anaya), and even a bit of David Thewlis for good measure.

All in all, it’s a nice little build of anticipation for the film, which is slowly threatening to dispel the heavy air of DCEU-tinged menace that’s hung over it for a while. Although we could do without a contemporary rock song being used to soundtrack the trailer for a film set during World War I…

Wonder Woman opens on June 1st in the UK, and a day later in the US. Expect our podcast reaction shortly afterwards!