Deadpool 2 has continued its “Ryan Reynolds’ Twitter account”-led marketing campaign with the actor publishing a first look at his new co-star, Zazie Beetz, in the role of Domino. And as well as having a pretty fantastic name, she looks pretty fantastic in the part, too.

The picture spoofs the original first look at Deadpool’s costume – also posted by Reynolds on Twitter, and itself a spoof of a famous Burt Reynolds photo – and reveals a look that skews pretty closely to the comics original, albeit with a few twists. Beetz’s dark skin – as opposed to the comics version’s pale white – means that the famous eye tattoo is cleverly switched from black to white, while her hairstyle has a spectacularly brilliant ’70s feel.

And as shown in this further look from Geeks of Color, the designers haven’t been afraid of adhering to the old “female superhero has to leave her chest zip undone” rule:

Okay, so it’s maybe a little excessively boobtacular, but it’s certainly no worse an offender than X-Men: Apocalypse‘s Psylocke costume; and the look as a whole screams no-nonsense confidence rather than sex object. In the wake of the first film we’re reasonably confident about the Deadpool series’ gender politics compared to some of its peers, while Beetz looks so good that the usual sort of arsehole who’d complain about a comics character being race-swapped seem to be curiously quiet this time around.

We’re looking forward to seeing how the film’s character dynamic will shift with the addition of Domino and Cable – let’s just hope Morena Baccarin’s Vanessa isn’t pushed too far into the background. Deadpool 2 is released in June 2018.