In shock news, it transpires that making a sequel to a widely-beloved movie that offers audiences pretty much more of the same only a bit bigger is a pretty good strategy for success. So it is with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which as of this past weekend has now officially passed the worldwide box office total of its predecessor.

Clocking up a $783.3m take, according to Forbes, is also enough to put the film ahead of Deadpool, and give it the oddly specific – but no less impressive – title of “highest grossing superhero film not to feature Batman, Iron Man or Spider-Man”. As far as the MCU goes, it now only sits behind Civil War ($1.15bn), Iron Man 3 ($1.2bn), Age of Ultron ($1.4bn) and – of course – The Avengers ($1.5bn).

The only other films based on Marvel characters that top it are two of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man films – at the time of writing it was level-pegging with Spider-Man 2 (but will surely top that by the time it ends its run), but some way off the first ($821m) and third ($891m); but it comfortably beats both Amazing films. And the only DC films to have beaten it are The Dark Knight ($1bn), The Dark Knight Rises ($1.09bn) and Batman v Superman ($873m).

Will it still hold this position by the time 2017 is out? We wouldn’t be surprised if the somewhat lower-key Spider-Man: Homecoming only clocks in at around the $750m mark – although the presence of Iron Man, of course, can’t be discounted – but Thor: Ragnarok is a potential dark horse. Initially, we’d only have pegged that somewhere in the $6-700m region, but that Hulk-revealing trailer may well have stuck another $100m or so on its eventual take.

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Source: Forbes